What Is A Domain Name?


The name of a website. A domain name is a two-part web address unique to your specific website. For example, our domain name is While the first part is who you are, the second part, "com", is a TLD, or Top Level Domain. In this case, the "com" stands for commercial.

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What is shared Hosting?


In a shared hosting environment, multiple web sites are served through a single server. Shared hosting is the most common method of hosting sites for small-to-medium size users with light to moderate Web traffic. Managed by single Cpanel

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Can I get Cpanel?


No. We do not provide Cpanel because we use Shared Hosting. If you want then you have to tell before starting a website Development to buy a separate hosting plan which results in an increase in cost of website

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Can you provide me hosing only?


Yes, we can provide you hosing only, and after that we provide you Cpanel Fully authorized. Call us for more detials.

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What Is Bandwidth?


Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transmitted at a given moment to a server. The higher your bandwidth, the larger amount of traffic your site can handle at one time.

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What Is PageRank?


PageRank is a term used by Google that reflects their system for ranking pages on the basis of their importance and relevance to certain keywords. If PageRank likes your page and finds it useful according to its parameters you will receive a high ranking on the search result page.

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Are Keywords In Domain Names Important?


Yes, keywords in a domain name are taken into consideration by the search engines. We don't know exactly how much of a factor this is in determining search rank, but we know that keywords in a domain name are not weighed nearly as heavily as the keywords in your title tags and page content.

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